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After reading several articles on how to take photos of fireworks I decided to get to work. On the evening of the 4th of July I headed over to Waseca after the advice of my dad, "If you want to see fireworks over a body of water you should see Waseca’s fireworks. They are beautiful. So instead of viewing Madison Lake's display I went further east to Waseca. When I got he there around 8:20 PM there was one spot left right along Hwy 14 near Barney's drive in and I pulled over, the view was prefect. No one parked in front of me to block my view the entire evening, it was prefect. I only wish I could say my shots were all prefect but I did have fun and I hope you enjoy then as much as I did taking them.
Nature's Own Pre-FireworksPink Clouds on the 4thSky over Clear Lake, MNNature's Paint BrushSky over Clear Lake 2Firework 1Firework 2FireWorks 3FireWork 4FireWork 5FireWork 6FireWork 7FirieWork 8FireWork 9FireWork 10FireWork 11FireWork 12FireWork 13FireWork 14FireWork 15